Contractor Recruitment

Contractor Recruitment

Calibre and Experience

The strategic use of a highly qualified mobile workforce consisting of contractors and temporary workers is an essential aspect of minimising project overheads. This ensures the achievement of programme deadlines creating a flexible workforce that can be tailored to meet resource deadlines to enable the product to market on time.

Contractor Recruitment

Contractor Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment

Our specialist recruitment of technical staff is based on the methodology that DDC has developed. DDC has the absolute capability to proactively meet your resourcing requirements. Requirements centre around specialist, niche skills or high volume recruitment, DDC are able to supply skills to where they are needed most.

We are design and engineering professionals operating within our own design office; we understand engineering. Customers therefore benefit from our expertise and we source the very best technical people in a wide range of disciplines on time, with a ‘Right First Time’ approach.

Only the Best Candidates

Our daily continuous interaction with an active contractor population, building relationships and evolving our candidate database ensures we have access to, and are reactive with, the best talent on the market.

Our In-house Payroll

One of the benefits of contracting through DDC is that our clients have the option to use our infrastructure to support contracting, by using our in-house payroll for contractors; this helps to reduce our client’s HR costs.

Managed Flexibility

Contractors provide the perfect flexible enhancement to your existing permanent workforce with the advantage of providing support for a specific project or period of time, ensuring prompt individual or project team mobilisation and managed cost efficiencies.

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