Candidates Charter

Candidates Charter

Our Commitment to You

We recognise that our candidates have very varied experience and perception of recruitment consultancies and the services they provide. At DDC Precision Limited, we hold fast to our ethos of ‘Solutions Through Understanding’ and, true to this philosophy, we engage directly with our candidates to improve our understanding in what we need to do to meet or exceed expectations and to become the first choice of recruitment partner.

Candidates Charter

A wide range of clients have continuously relied on our services since 1988

Candidates Charter

We work with clients throughout the UK, Europe and across continents

Candidates Charter

We continue to supply only the best, most innovative services available

This leads us to the development and refinement of our Candidate Charter, representing our commitment to you. We seek to demonstrate to you the behaviours we wish to see returned through continuous, honest, prompt and valuable communication.

We want to have a bond of trust and partnership with you, ensuring honesty and integrity in all of our communications. To achieve this, we promise to:

Show Respect

Giving you the respect you deserve, having a dialogue that is open and honest to build mutual trust. This means that our communication with you will be truthful, including positive and negative feedback. We will set clear expectations of our interaction with you and do our best to explain the recruitment process at all times.

Be Responsive

Our candidates are important to us, we will ensure that we agree the most appropriate channels of communication with you, be it by phone, email or in-person. We will provide you with feedback and answer your questions in a timely manner.

Add Value

‘Solutions Through Understanding’ is more than just words to us. We seek to set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing a service that truly adds value to your experience with us. Our consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field and will offer all possible assistance throughout the recruitment process including where practicable, face-to-face meetings. We want to truly understand your needs and motivations and to work with you to successfully achieve your career goals.

Build Relationships

We seek to maintain contact and build relationships over time, providing you with a consistent point of contact and ensuring that we are there to help over the course of your career development.