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In House Stress analysis (FEA)

'We nurture co-operation and joint problem solving for a comprehensive understanding of the task, leading to the most effective approach and precision results.'

In House Stress analysis (FEA)

In House Stress analysis (FEA)

DDC Precision provides advanced analysis with speed and reliability to achieve success in your design. either in conjunction with our engineering services or focussed FEA specific projects. Eliminating the need for expensive software purchases or bespoke training, we work with our clients to understand their needs which are tailored to the various FEA applications we use.

In order to ensure a design meets all it’s requirements with regards to strength and weight, structural analysis is essential.  Structural analysis can be conducted at any stage in the design process but is most effective if used at the start during the concept phase when fundamental changes can be easily made.

From large complex designs to singular simple models, the predicted performance will be provided.  Pre-production design optimisation reduces scrappages of mass production materials, increases performance with the benefit of component failure reduction and the reporting of any foreseeable failures or improvements.

Structural analysis is conducted by dedicated experienced Structural Engineers using manual calculation and computer aided methods.  Mathcad is extensively used to aid manual computational methods together with HyperWorks as the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool for computer aided computational methods.

On-site FEA engineers are selected by our recruitment division to work along-side your designers when the project demands.  FEA Hardware and Software can also be provided to reduce cost to the project and un-necessary software purchases.